Teagan is 2.

teagan car

Teagan is two as she likes to inform everyone. Ask her how she is and she will say “I’m two”.  I know that how are you? and how old are you? can be easily confused but maybe she is on to something.  She is two.  This means that someone wipes her bottom, makes her food, provides her with an abundance of cuddles, kisses and bedtime stories.  She gets to spend her days playing with other toddlers; casing around, having fun, playing with toys and learning new things.  She gets carried home after a long day and her bath is prepared for her.  When she finds it difficult to manage her emotions she gets someone to talk her down from a massive tantrum and she’s over it in a few minutes.  She finds endless joy in parks; roundabouts, slides and swings, chasing butterflies and jumping into puddles, snow drifts and piles of soft leaves are sources of immense pleasure.  So maybe her reply to the question “how are you?”  is all that needs to be said.  I am two.


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