Disney Princess

Why am I so against my daughter being immersed in Disney?  I know why I personally don’t really like the corporation.  Their portrayal of female characters, poor factory conditions and workers rights when producing their merchandise, the vacuous content of the Disney channel aimed at dumbing down and sexualising pree teen girls for instance but that aside what else is wrong with Disney?  I did some research and there is a lot out there for and against the multi national corporation that controls not only Disney but Miramax, ABC TV, Marvel, Star Wars and The Muppet Studios to name but a few. I’m not going to bore you with that now as I need to research further so I can bore you with more accuracy at a later date.

Teagan hadn’t seen any Disney films until a combination of moving house, living with my parents, an operation on my foot and an unwell dog led me to the need for a lazy parenting day and the kiddy cocaine that is Disney’s Frozen. It was a gateway film that led to Cinderella, Tinkerbell, Inside Out, Up and the Toy Story films.  Teagan was obsessed with Elsa.  My problems with this were multiple.  Not only does Elsa show her emancipation by becoming a becleavedged, strutting minx she also manages to virtually kill her sister whilst singing a multitude of annoying songs.  I did buy Tea an Elsa-ish play dress though so I can’t moan about that one, I indulged her.  Then she moved on to Tinkerbell; a character who is surrounded by female role models with Bratz esque features, Tink also wears a dress that isn’t big enough to cover her fairy dust. Teagan has now moved on to Evil Dr Pork Chop (Hamm from Toy Story). Finally, a character I can get on board with, it’s just a shame that he’s a he.  I like that he has an advanced level degree, albeit an evil one.  Maybe I’ll need to start saving for evil medical school for Tea, how much is that?  He does wear a Pete Doherty style hat though.  Imagine the shame and sesnse of failure as a parent if your daughter were to bring home a boy or girlfriend wearing a Pete Doherty hat, or worse, wearing it herself.  I need to trust that we are bringing her up right; that she’ll be able to understand that there are poor popular cultural role models such as Disney princesses and the Kardashians (or worse, Doherty & Bieber for instance) but that women are more than their movie portrails & media stereotypes.  That women are strong and independent and that they too can be evil Dr dictators.


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