Teagan’s new obsession is the carousel in the main square of town.  It’s a Victorian roundabout with horses, elephants and Teagan’s favourite, a swan.  It’s the epitomie of innocent joy.  She clenches her fists and jumps on the spot with excitement when she sees it, every time like the first.  Her little face ecstatic with an ear to ear smile as soon as she steps onto the platform and pays the man €2 for the privilege of being conveyed in a small circle for 2 minutes.  

Her pure joy makes me both happy and sad.  Happy that she gets so much pleasure from such a sedate passtime; like a Victorian and their first thrilling experience of automated speed and frivolity.  The excess if it all.  Sad because she is going to grow out of this pure innocence and joy at some point.  That phones, tablets, TV, rollercoasters, bigger, better faster will eclipse this small experience.

I can’t keep her a toddler forever and I wouldn’t want to.  I want her to grow up and become a wise and experienced person, one able to look after herself and not be led by others.  To have some world wariness but not to lose her innocent joy at the small and large wonders of life. Having said that, today I saw some of that same innocence and joy in the face of my 62 year old mother.  Once whilst she was watching people come down a massive water slide in a fun pool and then again as she sat looking out of the front of a cable car descending a mountain.  Teagan is lucky to have a person like this in her life and I hope that she keeps seeing the wonder in the everyday, that it continues to excite her and bring her joy.


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