Convenient Science (fat bottomed girls you make the genius world go round).

This second pregnancy has hit me hard.  Two stone of hard and I still have three months to go.  I naturally decided to consult the oracle of professional research that is Google and see why some women are stick thin when pregnant whilst others get a fatter bottom.

There are the usual Mumsnet posts where sensible, supportive women talk logically about breastfeeding and enjoying your pregnancy body whatever shape it may be.  These are not the kind of answers I am looking for, they are too well thought out and comforting.  I want internet hokum.  Then I saw it.  A “scientific study” quoted in a Daily Mail science article.  Pseudo science jackpot baby.

This is normally the point at which I give a snort of derision.  Not only is it an article in the middle minded sensation rag that is the Daily Mail, it uses the term “many scientific studies”.  These articles usually send me off on a rant about how proper science is being undermined by vacuous science interest stories tagged onto the end of the evening news; like the  waterskiing parrot or skateboarding dog trotted out on the local news as a last laugh but this is my convenient science answer and it made me laugh more than the mumsnet posts.

It is obviously a pointlessly rubbish news interest story.  Women with fatter bottoms produce more intelligent kids.  There you have it.  The Daily Mail says so so it must be true.  This kid is going to be a genius!  I’m going to quote this on mumsnet and see how many women take the bait and have a massive rant.  I know I would.


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